Governance & Accountability

A team of FECCLAHA observers during the General Elections in Kenya (August, 2017).
A team of FECCLAHA observers during the General Elections in Kenya (August, 2017).


Strategic Goal: Transparent and accountable governance where citizen rights are protected and respected

Governance is perceived as a critical factor in accelerated and sustainable economic growth and development. The region is characterized by low legitimate local governance coupled with low accountability and transparency, the lack of respect by leaders and citizens for the rule of law and human rights often poses a great challenge to stability, proliferation of Small arms and light weapons, the lack of credibility of the electoral system, especially of the Electoral Commissions and lack of respect to constitutionalism. The countries in the region have suffered conflicts due to bad governance, agitations of extension of presidential terms and pre and post-election violence or conflicts. The existence and extraction of gas and minerals affects development.

FECCLAHA provides a platform that brings together church leaders from different faiths and spurs them to use their “moral authority” as church leaders to speak on behalf of the many voiceless people in Africa. It will seek to engage in relevant continental-level advocacy in areas of special significance. This includes; advocacy on electoral justice, engagement with regional intergovernmental bodies, advocacy on extractives and engaging with political leaders and political establishments.

FECCLAHA also seeks to facilitate Church leaders to advocate for government implementation of international and continental agreements, resolutions, protocols and conventions that relate directly to peace building and conflict resolution, good governance and human rights.

The key results areas are:

  1. Electoral Justice
  2. Political Engagement
  3. Extractives Advocacy
  4. Engagement With Regional Intergovernmental Bodies