Electoral Justice

FECCLAHA observers during Kenya's 2017 election

FECCLAHA  focuses on electoral justice by building the capacity of church leaders on electoral processes, create awareness on the prophetic role of the church, support long term monitoring and election observation, facilitate post-election dialogues, undertake observer missions, and solidarity visits.

This entails provision of technical support to members in the facilitation of civic and voter education, establishment of domestic election observation processes and advocacy on election issues. The programme also entails independent international ecumenical assessment of the electoral processes in the region.

The management of post-election crisis needs to be improved. Post election crisis emerge either from perceived or real flaws, including rigging and manipulation of voting results, in the election processes. There should be strict adherence to the stipulations of the constitution and electoral laws. The announcement of the results should be affected as stipulated by the Constitution and Electoral Laws and not be unduly delayed in order to avoid negative speculation and, at the extreme, of political crisis and social violence.

Through the programme, FECCLAHA has accompanied member churches and national councils of churches in observing the electoral processes in Burundi, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania