Women and Peace Building

Group participation during a peace programme training at Kigali, Rwanda

The Regional Women Peace Building Programme was launched in August, 2016 with a view to address some factors that are contributing to limited participation of women in peace processes in the region.

In collaboration with the Regional Peace Programme partners and other stakeholders, the programme aims at ensuring women drawn from the faith community not only gain knowledge and skills in peace building and conflict transformation, but also facilitating them to apply and transfer the knowledge and skills acquired.

The programme seeks to provide opportunities for learning, exposure, mentor-ship, networking, and advocacy for women participation in peace processes. The programme has also endeavored to link the women to ongoing peace processes, frameworks and other peace actors at various levels, including the national, regional, and international level.

FECCLAHA has also worked closely with its constituency in not only raising awareness on the UN SCR 1325 but also in moving then to action towards holding their governments accountable.

FECCLAHA will also seek to strengthen and support the regional women mediation network and facilitate women advocacy campaigns